Scott is an amazing podcast producer. He understands that CONTENT is King and QUALITY is Queen. This has caused all of his productions to rise to the top of the podcasting charts.

It’s a pleasure to work with someone who brings so much value to the industry of podcasting!

Cliff Ravenscraft
Podcast Producer, Consultant, Coach, & Public Speaker

“Scott is a highly detailed and skilled artist in the audio production and podcasting arenas with several years of work firmly under his belt.

His professional attitude coupled with his excellent hosting, production, and interview skills make him an inspirational role model in the field, and his technical expertise is both exceptional and admirable. His skills and work ethic make him a valuable addition to any team.”

Michael Faulkner
Engineer at Enercon Services

I love Scott’s work on the podcast. He is a great balance of knowledgeable, humorous, and compassionate. I highly recommend Scott for podcasting, and I respect him greatly. That is yet another place in his life where he comes alive to inspire others.

Brady Hardin
Social Media Coordinator at Tee Turtle

I have been listening to podcasts that Scott has been affiliated with for several years now, especially the SciFi Diner Podcast. More recently, Scott and I are cohosts on the Dune Saga Podcast.

Scott’s work as a poscaster is, without a doubt, some of the highest quality work that can be found today. He knows how to make a cast sound professional, he is organized, and he has a great sense of humor. Add to that, he has the ability to bring out the best from guests he interviews, and those that cohost with him.

Jim Arrowood
Music Instructor at Kenesaw Public School

Scott is probably the most ambitious and dedicated podcaster I personally know … and he has a vast amount of ever-growing useful/interesting knowledge & perspectives to share in his various media efforts. He’s a pro through and through … a great communicator … hardworking, personable, likable, humble and genuine.

Chris Ruch
Design + Video

While our professional careers haven’t overlapped, I’ve enjoyed listening to the SciFi Diner Podcast for many years, and had the privilege of participating on the program as well. Scott’s work to develop and host the SciFi Diner has resulted in what I consider a strong and unique program where listeners like me feel like we’re participating in a casual chat with friends sitting around the kitchen table. Scott and his team alway assemble a well-prepared and evenly structured quality program. Additionally, Scott has created a family of related programs tied to the main podcast that emphasize facets of what his listeners enjoy, including dedicated programs focusing on listener feedback, movie and television show reviews, and interviews. Regarding the interviews Scott schedules and conducts, it’s very clear they’re structured to draw relevant and interesting stories from his guests without wasting the time of the subject of the interview, or his listeners.

Like those who began podcasting while this form of programming was still developing, it’s been a pleasure to listen to Scott and the SciFi Diner team do it right. Scott models just how someone with a passion about a particular subject can gather an audience together, welcome them in, and have them leave feeling like the best of friends. I highly recommend anyone interested in podcasting contact Scott to learn how he started in and continues to thrive in this new media domain.

James (J.P.) Harvey
Program Manager and American Systems

Scott is top notch when it comes to producing high-quality content, whether acting as a moderator for a lot of people on a podcast or as delivering a high-quality interview with some great talent that we follow, Scott’s dedication and professionalism always shine through. Even when he does things for fun to add to the overall experience of another person’s show Scott shines with his quality and attention to detail. Scott is a true podcasting professional both to work with and to listen to as well.

Troy Heinritz
HR Technologist and Podcaster

Scott is a top-notch podcast host and technician. His podcasts are polished and entertaining while retaining the “approachability” of personal conversations. I’ve worked with him on multiple podcasts, over the last few years, and his professional approach to his craft always facilitates a very creative and productive outcome.

Charity Wood
Co-Founder & Artist for Bye Bye Robot

Scott is an innovative educator who continually pushes the boundaries of technology and pedagogy. His Fireside Book Chat podcast demonstrates how his passion for literature and technology sparks student engagement and creative, critical thinking.

Charlie Reisinger
Penn Manor IT Director

Scott’s talent, drive, and enthusiasm for all his podcasts make him a leader in the new media environment. Combining compelling content, superb sound quality, and masterful mixing, every one of Scott’s podcasts are exellent examples of what a podcast should be. Scott is way ahead of the pack when it comes to producing great new media podcasts!

David Solon
Systems Specialist Cornwall Lebanon Schools

I highly recommend Scott Hertzog as a podcast / online radio content producer, as well as being an expert in the field of Science Fiction.

Not only has Scott taken his SciFi Diner Podcast to a very high level (both in popularity and in creativity), he has regularly provided excellent audio content for my FRiNGEcasting With Wayne And Dan podcast, in the form of “FRiNGE Quote Of The Week” submissions.

Wayne Henderson

Scott’s an accomplished, articulate interviewer who deftly draws out the best across the course of the conversation. He’s also a podcaster totally at home both vis-a-vis content and also technology – a pleasure to work with.

David Williams